How did we create impact?

An outcome of the ii2030 drone track in 2017 was the creation of the Drones Doing Good Alliance – a network of partners that explore how drone technology can accelerate the achievement of the SDGs. In 2019, the alliance enabled the Nigerian company LifeBank to be the first African-led company to execute bidirectional Beyond-Visual-Line-of-Sight flights for healthcare logistics. The DDG Alliance is continuing to implement disruptive and systemic solutions in the drone sector in Africa.

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What can drones do to improve the lives of low-income consumers in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Drones can deliver critical medical supplies to remote areas offering timely access all year round. They can detect and safely detonate landmines and play a critical role in search and rescue missions after natural disasters. Drones are able to offer a more efficient way to deliver products to consumers through last mile distribution, enable farmers to survey and optimize their land and resources allowing them to maximize their output or facilitate reforestation and the conservation of wildlife. The possibilities and opportunities provided through the use of drones are endless.

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Who attended?

The drone track brought together:

  • Companies that manufactures drones
  • Entrepreneurs already working on a range of drone solutions
  • Car manufacturing company working on assembly and manufacturing
  • African telecommunication company with regional coverage
  • Potential investors
  • Drone experts
  • Large companies working in the logistics sector
  • NGO working closely with low income consumers in multiple countries

Why do we need more inclusive solutions?

Although the use of drones for good is likely to drive significant growth and offer seismic impact in the future, few drone solutions are in place at present. Several barriers are preventing entrepreneurs from quickly developing and delivering drone solutions. A key challenge is that it is expensive and requires specialized know how. Each entrepreneur must create and manage a drone network as well as the details related to the delivery of a specific solution. If we could create an efficient drone network that is multifunctional and modular we could make it much easier for local entrepreneurs to attach a wide range of solutions to an existing network. This would unlock an infinite range of opportunities to improve the outcomes of low-income consumers.