How did we create impact?

The blockchain as a financial enabler track brought together a diverse set of participants that gained a full  perspective of blockchain technology, got to know entrepreneurs who work with blockchain technology and designed a blockchain-prototype for entrepreneurs in developing markets. 

Participants worked on different challenges such as improving access to finance for smallholder farmers, educating smallholders on the use of blockchain, and land registries and conflict resolutions.  

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What can blockchain technology offer entrepreneurs?

The blockchain principle that underlies cryptocurrencies (like bitcoin) offers an enormous opportunity for people to attain more prosperity. Digital financial technologies not only enable the ‘unbanked’ to use an efficient and reliable financial system for the first time, also the new systems of financial trust supported by the blockchain allow entrepreneurs from less established economic systems to participate fully in the global economy.

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Who attended?

The blockchain as a financial enabler track brought together:

  • Start-ups and social entrepreneurs offering blockchain-solutions for entrepreneurs in developing markets
  • Financial Experts and Investors working with blockchain-based services or companies
  • Developers that work with blockchain-technology
  • Innovators from the international development community

Why do we need more inclusive solutions?

“Blockchain, Bitcoin, the Next Big Thing!“. That’s what’s being shouted from the rooftops. But don’t celebrate just yet - a lot of it is still vague, and the hype is also waning in development aid. Nonetheless, there are breakthroughs in the digitization of financial transactions via blockchain and bitcoin.  BitPesa, a Kenya-based start-up reduces remittance-fees by sending Bitcoin, rather than traditional currency, across borders.