In Kigali, the volume of municipal solid waste has been growing with the increase of household income and urbanization. In addition, more than 60% of Kigali‚Äôs population live in unplanned settlements and lack access to integrated infrastructure including solid waste management. The city has started different initiatives to tackle the solid waste management issues, with a ban on plastic bags and community clean-up, but more comprehensive and large-scale solutions are still needed. 

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Innovation and technological solutions can unlock the circular potential of the solid waste management sector by allowing to reduce, repurpose and recycle various waste like organic, plastic and e-waste. Such circular approaches minimize environmental impact with an alternative to polluting landfills or the environment while simultaneously creating new formal and informal employment opportunities.

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We welcome the attendance and participation of:

  • Government institutions such as policy makers, regulators, and implementers
  • NGOs and civil society organizations
  • Research institutions and academia
  • Development partners, donors and conveners
  • Companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs working on waste collection, separation, recycling or upcycling

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