What is our guiding question?

Imagining the future green hydrogen value chain and ecosystem in African countries! What are the scenarios that we can see today? Which ones are preferred options? And which decisions do we need to take today to get to the future we want? How can we ensure that digital startups and local companies benefit from the hydrogen industry? These are our guiding questions explored at all stages of the ii2030 Green Hydrogen edition.

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Where is the focus?

The focus countries of the exploration will be Kenya, Namibia and South Africa as locations for green hydrogen production. The Endeva team will scan the whole continent for promising startups in the hydrogen sector, including countries like Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Nigeria, which have growing hydrogen industries. 

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How did we get there?

Through a co-creative process with key stakeholders, the ii2030 methodology aims to discover opportunities for African startups and local innovators and potential support measures. The process focuses on a strategic collaboration method between stakeholders to co-create effective change to answer these questions and more. 

Consultation Phase

January-March 2023

Endeva consulted a diverse group of experts to understand the system dynamics and identify leverage points to get to an inclusive and sustainable green hydrogen sector. 

Co-Creation Event

June 2023

Endeva facilitated co-creative workshops to cr eate  solutions with relevant partners in Namibia, Kenya and South Africa. The results have been published on the Endeva blog.

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