Drones in Sub-Saharan Africa

How can we efficiently and profitably deliver essential products and services in remote areas in Sub-Saharan Africa using a multifunctional drone network?

Drones in Sub-Saharan Africa

What can drones do to improve the lives of low income consumers in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Drones can deliver critical medical supplies to remote areas offering timely access all year round. They can detect and safely detonate landmines and play a critical role in search and rescue missions after natural disasters. Drones are able to offer a more efficient way to deliver products to consumers through last mile distribution, enable farmers to survey and optimize their land and resources allowing them to maximize their output or facilitate reforestation and the conservation of wildlife. The possibilities and opportunities provided through the use of drones are endless.

Why do we need more inclusive solutions?

Although the use of drones for good is likely to drive significant growth and offer seismic impact in the future, few drone solutions are in place at present. Several barriers are preventing entrepreneurs from quickly developing and delivering drone solutions. A key challenge is that it is expensive and requires specialized know how. Each entrepreneur must create and manage a drone network as well as the details related to the delivery of a specific solution. If we could create an efficient drone network that is multifunctional and modular we could make it much easier for local entrepreneurs to attach a wide range of solutions to an existing network. This would unlock an infinite range of opportunities to improve the outcomes of low-income consumers.

Who would we like to attend?

At ii2030, we’ll bring together

  • Companies that manufactures drones
  • Entrepreneurs already working on a range of drone solutions
  • Car manufacturing company working on assembly and manufacturing
  • African telecommunication company with regional coverage
  • Potential investors
  • Drone experts
  • Large companies working in the logistics sector
  • NGO working closely with low income consumers in multiple countries

If you fit one of these profiles, please apply for an invitation through our registration process.

How will we create impact?

At the conclusion of the workshop in Berlin, participants will have the following

  • CONCRETE IDEAS: Have concrete ideas on how to create the ultimate multifunctional drones network in Sub-Saharan Africa to allow African entrepreneurs to create businesses that unleash the potential of drones for good
  • PARTNERS: Have closely worked with potential partners and know if they want to continue developing the idea together
  • FUNDING: Have met with potential funding partners and investors that can invest in making this idea a reality
  • WAY FORWARD: ii2030 is more than just an event, interactions and progress will continue beyond the close of the event. This will also be facilitated by an online platform to be used by teams to continue to develop a prototype and test the solution in the field, with ongoing support from Endeva and our network partners.

Track lead

Airbus, Airbus BizLab Team

There are endless potential use cases for drones, from responding to natural disasters, to delivering medical supplies and connecting remote communities. Airbus is committed to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and in the area of unmanned aerial systems we aim to leverage unmanned technologies and our existing digital services infrastructure for a better-connected, safer and more prosperous world.

Accelerating the transformation of innovative ideas into business and extending the innovation ecosystem with the Airbus BizLab are essential to achieve this contribution.

Day 1: Inclusive Innovation Tour Drones in Sub-Saharan Africa icon

Hit the road on our Inclusive Innovation Tour of Berlin!

Our tour guides take participants on an exploration of Berlin’s buzzing inclusive innovation scene to provide inspiration and information for each track.

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The 4-hour tour takes participants to 3 visionary organizations, where hosts will lead a discussion on how greater inclusion in their sector will impact society in 2030.

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The day will end with a “Meet & Greet” networking dinner. Participants from all tracks reconvene over dinner to share what they have learned and get to know one another.

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Participants gain inspiration from and knowledge on the various perspectives of how inclusive innovation will create positive change. They gain an up-close-and-personal look into the three organizations, connect with their leaders and use the inspiration to guide and motivate them through their co-creation journey at the Inclusive Innovation Factory and beyond.

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Tour Stops Drones in Sub-Saharan Africa icon

The Drones track takes participants on a tour of the following three experiences:

Virtual Reality Stop

We kick off the tour with a quick virtual stop at a village in Kenya’s Machakos County.
This stops gives us a glimpse of the context today in rural Africa within which our solution will exist.

Drone Presentation

We will enjoy a BYOD (bring your own drone) stop at a Berlin co-working space.
This is a chance to see some of the leading drones as participants explain the features of their drones.

Autonomous Charging

We will visit one of the world’s leading autonomous charging station manufacturers.
Skysense’s solution dramatically optimizes drone operations and can play a critical role in long distance logistics operations.

Day 2: Inclusive Innovation Factory Drones in Sub-Saharan Africa icon

The Factory is all about manufacturing solutions through cross-sector collaboration!

In a design-thinking workshop of up to 10 participants, we will work out how technology can drive inclusive innovation, and what is needed to achieve a solution. Participants are carefully selected to bring together those actors who can make the change.

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Throughout the day, a networking assembly line, factory whistle speeches and a canteen exhibition will allow participants to get inspired and connect outside their workshop.

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An ii2030 online platform will be used for participants to start connecting and preparing for the workshop prior to the event and to continue their collaboration following the co-creation workshop. In the follow-up, the team will receive support from Endeva as they work on improving and implementing the solution in the field.

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Design-thinking methodology is a collaborative solution-based approach to solving complex challenges. The strategic process will guide the team of like-minded partners in co-creating concrete, innovative and user-friendly solutions in a 1-day, action-packed workshop.

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Factory Outputs Drones in Sub-Saharan Africa icon

We will come up with an early stage prototype or blueprint that answers the track question. The solution will unlock the potential of drones for good in Africa and offer the following features:

  • Multi-functional and modular drone platform
  • Offers positive social or economic value for BOP
  • Context appropriate
  • Energy efficient
  • Partial local production and assembly